Deborah Pratt Sawoscinski wrote:

>  I would like to do an activity as part of a study skills
> workshop/tutorial that helps students experience/discover the fact that
> it takes time and focus to learn.

Gary Probst replied:

Ask instructors of freshman courses to give you a copy of the textbook(s)
used in their course.  Have the students count the number of new words
introduced in each chapter.  Divide the class into teams of one counting
and the other recording.  After each team has counted the new terms in
their textbook,  have the students share how many terms are found in their
textbook.  Have each student then estimate how many new terms they must
learn in a semester, week, and day in the classes they are taking.  Most
accounting 101 textbooks have approximately 1500 new terms.
Developmental math, not algebra,  has 300 new terms. Students who are
taking five courses will find they can have up to 200 new terms a week to

For the serious student this will open their eyes to the most important
requirement for successfully learning information in their
textbooks/course. Ask the students how they plan to learn these new
terms.  Now that you have their attention, you can introduce methods of
learning new vocabulary terms..