Gary Probst replied:

Here is how my online learning students can receive assistance.  Since all of
them live in the county, driving distance is no problem.  These students
problem is they cannot, because of work or personal schedules, attend regular
classes because of time conflicts.
the following ways a student can receive assistance I have copied from my

Assistance:  The college provides many different ways a student can receive
instruction in this individualized on-line class.

1. VCR lectures on each chapter in the textbook
These tapes can be viewed or checked  out in M2129 or taped from the college
cable channels.

2.    Computer-assisted instruction on each unit in the textbook
By using the program on the Reachout disk, you can use your computerís modem
to call the Marlboro Learning Lab.    The computer-assisted mathematics
instructional programs can also be purchased at the college bookstore.  If you
are having trouble understanding how to use these instructional programs,
contact the reading or mathematics instructional coordinator in the Marlboro
Learning Lab for assistance.  For telephone help or to make an appointment,
call 301.322.0503.

3.  Walk in tutor in M2141
Tutors are available during most days and evening of the week to help you
solve a minor problem.  Call the Marlboro Learning Lab to check on the tutorís

 4.   Individual tutoring session in the Tutoring Center in Accokeek Hall
Two hours of private individual tutoring a week is available to students
needing assistance in understanding the information in any chapter.  This
assistance is free to students who are enrolled in this course!!!  For
appointment call 410.322.0748.

 5.  Send the instructor an e-mail request asking for an appointment
If after trying all of the above ways to receive help and you are still having
a  problem, send   the instructor an e-mail message requesting an
appointment.  Appointments can be  made for times during the day or evening.
Never will an appointment be made before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.

Linda Pappas wrote:

> Happy Friday to everyone....
> This question is directed to institutions providing distance learning
> services.  The question has been raised regarding providing those services
> available to on-site students to those who are not.  In other words; what
> are your policies regarding making such services as learning assistance,
> counseling, evaluations, etc. available to students not on site?  One of
> the directors approached me and expressed his concern at the difficulty of
> providing "student services" to individuals that can not be met with face
> to face.  I would be interesed in any feedback....
> Linda Pappas
> Academic Success Counselor
> Creighton University
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> (402)280-2733 (office)
> (402)280-4773 (fax)
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