This is not occuring at our two-year institution.  In fact, the opposite is happening.

You may want to check out The Ohio University and talk to somebody there.  I know that they are planning on creting a centralized tutoring center for the university.

>>> "Church, Paulette" <[log in to unmask]> 11/09 1:16 PM >>>
As is frequently an issue on many college campuses, our college is
experiencing the need to significantly cut expenses.  Once again, I need
to justify the role of our center and justify the cost of keeping it
open.  We have been an AA degree granting private college, but we have
added, and plan to add more, BA programs.

I need your help to address the critical assumption made by one key
individual, who opposes our continuance.  He stated that most colleges
are closing their learning centers.  He maintains that "good colleges"
don't need learning centers because they have only good students.  While
he may be accurate, this isn't my perception.

If you are at a BA degree granting institution, I would like to get a
few pieces of information from you:

Name of your college:

How many years has your center been open:

Is there a movement to close it?  If yes, why?

Approximately how many students do you serve, in terms of any units of
measure you use?

Do you include tutoring services?

What differences do you see occurring in terms of usage over the past
3-5 years?

What are the other questions I should be asking?

What are other trends of which I should be aware?

Thank you so very much.

Paulette Church
Waldorf College
Forest City, IA  50436