Noyt sure what you want in LAC References.  There are at least thirty (30)
years of references  re this topic in journals like the Journal of Reading
(foremerly Journal of Developmentla reading); Western College Reading and
Learning Association  annual proceedings ( Now CRLA); College Reading
Association journals and proceedings and many more.

Below are the contents of two of my recent books.
Martha M.

Improving Student Learning Skills -Revised Edition.  1996.      H&H
Publishing Co., 1-800-366-4079
by Martha Maxwell, Ph. D.

Chapter 1 --The Background, History and Rationale for College Skills
Chapter 2 --Diagnosing the Basic Skills Difficulties of Students
Chapter 3 - Creating Tutoring Services
Chapter 4 --Establishing Learning Centers
Chapter 5 --Overcoming Problems of Learning Services

Chapter 6--Implications of Motivation, Learning Styles and the Experience
of Failure

Chapter 7 -- Successful Programs and Teaching Strategies for the High Risk
        Institutional Policies that can promote learning for hig-risk
        Recognizing Affective Needs and Motivational Techniques
                e.g., learning contracts and teaching techniques (Hirsch)
        Collaborative Learning
        Supplemental Instructiom (SI) & Video-Supplemental Instruction
        Paired courses & Core Courses
        Reciprocal Teaching
        The Natural Learning Process (Smilkenstein)
        Classroom facilitators, Journal Keeping

Chapter 8 --Improving Writing and English as a Second Language
Chapter 9 --Enhancing Reading Skills
Chapter 10 --Building Study Skills
Chapter 11 --Developing Mathematical Skills
Chapter 12 --Increasing Science Skills
Chapter 13 --Evaluating Learning Services and Courses

Teaching Dev. Students What Works (L. Spiler)-Delta College)
A Fable for Developmental Educators (Karen Martin), Fisk U>)
List of frequently Used Tests
Typical Evaluation Questions and Methods.
Tutoring Resources
Difficult Tutoring Sitautions  (Mike Rose-UCLA)
Standards & Guidelines for Learning Assistance Programs  (CAS)
Professional Associations
Planning Questions you should ask before you use writing portfolios
Some Portfolio Suggestions.
Should I Use Portfolios in My Classroom
Points of Interference in Learning English as a Second Language
Sentence Combining
The College Reading Specialist Competency Checklist (Stahl & Brozo)
Ten Recommendations fromResearch for Teaching High-Risk Students  (Stahl &
A Computer Lab. for theDisabled  (G. Materniak, U. Pittsburgh)
What are Learning Disabilities?
Study Tipos -A Checklist for Discussion Questions  (Carolyn Hopper, Middle
Teen. State U.)
Study Tips: Class Scheduling and Time Management  (Laurie Witherow, Middlre
Teen, State U.)
Reading and Study Skills Books (a bib.)
Sources of Computer Software
How to Study Chemistry
How to Study Physics

 Maxwell, M. (Ed.) (1994) "From Access to Success: Readings in
Developmental Learning and Learning Assistance." H&H Publishing
Co., 1232 Kapp Ave, Clearwatrer, FL 34625. Phone 1-800-366-4O79
PLUS 4.50 SHIPPING- Fax with a PO (813) 442-2195

                Here's the Table of Contents:
I History & Philosophy
        Educating all the nation's people: The historical roots of
        Hunter Boylan and Willaim G. White, Jr.

        Research, respectability, and legitimacy of post-secondary remedial
        Dennis A. Clowes

        Access to higher education:  Who belongs?  Carlette J. Hardin

        Retention & developmental education: What the research has to say.
        Gretchen Starks-Martin
II Learning Centers
        College learning centers: Frontier land origins of the learning
center --       Gwyn Enright

        Learning assistance at a state university: A cybernetic model.

        Management strategies to assist students in improving learning
Mare Elaine Burns.

        Developing a learning center: Plans, problems and progress.  Martha

        The learning center: Toward an expanded role.  Gwyn Enright and

        College learning assistance center design considerations.  William
White, Barney Kyzek  & Ken. Lane

        College Learning Assistance Programs: Ingredients for success.

III Peer Tutoring
        Learning together- An interactive approach to peer tutoring. J. C.

        Tutoring practices that promote cognitive and affective
Annette Gourgey

        Counseling skills: An important part of peer tutoring. Karan
Hancock & Tom

        Co dependence: Teaching tutors not to rescue. Karen Winnard.

        Using a learning model to integrate study skills in a peer tutoring
        Ronald Schmeltzer, William G. Brozo & Norman Stahll

        College Reading and Learning Association's Tutor Certification

        Does tutoring help?  A look at the literature.  Martha Maxwell

IV   Assessment
        Selecting tests and placing students.  Edward A. Morante

        Towards a comprehensive assessment model for college reading.
Simpson & Sherrie Nist.
        Computer adaptive testing in reading. Pat Smittle

V Reading and Study Skills
        10 recommendations from research for teaching high risk students.
Norman Stahl Michelle Simpson & Christopher Hayes.

        Are the skills we are teaching obsolete? A review of recent
Martha Maxwell

        The college reading lab: An old story with a new twist. Sherrie
Nist &
Cynthia Hynd

VI Writing

        Reaching across the curriculum with a writing center. Bradley

        Intimacy & Audience; The relationship between revision and the
dimension of tutoring. Thom Hawkins

        Developing student processing of teacher feedback in a composition
course. Ross Mac Donald

        Two powerful methods for teaching writing: Sentence combining and
reconstruction. Arhtur Whimbey, Myra Linden and Eugene Williams, Sr.

VII Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Adjunct Skills Classes

        Why adjunct classes work.  Mary Dimon

`       The challenge of SI : Improving students' grades and retention in
high risk
courses.  Sandra Burmeister
        The relation of SI to affect.  Julia Visor, James Johnson, & Lisa

VIII Technology
        Techtalk - Choosing & purchasing software. Bill Broderick & David

        Techtalk: Another look at the computer as tutor.  Bill Broderick &

        Techtalk :      Another look at the computer as tutee. David
Caverly & Bill

IX Mathematics
        Teaching mathematics effectively.  Robert Hackworth

        Factors affecting mathematics achievement in college students.
Goolsby, Patricia Dwinelle, Jeanne Highbee & Ann Bretscher

        Arithmetic + calculators + students +?  Betsy Darken

        Cooperative learning approach to mathematics and problem solving.

        Math X; Variables for student progress. C. W. Stine & others.

10. Evaluation and Outcome Research

        Striving for excellence: Program evaluation through national
Susan Clark Thayer and Marth Maxwell.

        A Case Study on an exemplary developmental skills program. John E.
Roueche &George A. Baker.

        Program evaluation. Geoffrey Akst & Miriam Hecht.

        The impact of developmental education programs. Hunter Boylan &
Barbara Bonham
        The performance of minority students in developmental education.
Hunter Boylan, Leonard Bliss, & Barbara Bonham