Dear All,
Some time ago I wrote with information about a conference being held in Plymouth UK called ELITE.  A presentation is now being held in Brussels on 26th November in the afternooon, where key EC and other organisation representatives from across Europe are being invited.  We extend our invitatation to any individuals who would be interested in attending this presentation, which is free of charge.
Please find below a brief programme for the presentation for yor information.  If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the address below.

ELITE Seminar

(Economic Learning in Training for Enterprises)

Funded through the Leonardo da Vinci Programme

26th November 1998, from 2.30 pm

Europa Intercontinental Hotel, Rue de la Loi, Brussels

A seminar is being held on November 26th, from 2.30 pm at the Europa Intercontinental Hotel, where two papers are being presented as a result of the research carried out into the economic impact of different types of training undertaken in SMEs.

Support for Learning in the Workplace

The project has been looking at the training methods and the roles and responsibilities of staff in delivering and supporting training within a number of companies in each of the partner states.

Evidence from research carried out has shown that employers may not be entirely clear about what constitutes 'open and flexible' learning (OFL). This did lead to some contradictory evidence where, on the one hand, an employer was stating that OFL was not being used, but was also reporting the use of delivery methods that are now the mainstay of OFL delivery. Some evidence also suggested that a hierarchy exists where some types of training delivery methods are reserved for certain groups of workers within an organisation - and, indeed, formal training itself reserved for certain groups of employees.

Cost Benefit Analysis of Training

As a starting point to the research it was important to have a clear understanding of what SMEs represent to the European economy, and the allocation of firms used in each partner state for the empirical study were chosen to reflect the situation of SMEs in Europe.

The research has resulted in a picture of the training activities carried out in SMEs, and led to the development of econometric results into the influence of training on the improved efficiency of SMEs from a macroeconomic point of view. The study also looked at the relevance of training in SMEs, analysing the costs and benefits of training, and what training evaluation is being undertaken by organizations, if any. What type of training is being used by SMEs, does it differ according to company size, what is the effectiveness of training with respect to staff and salespeople in particular. Finally, an analysis has been carried out to determine training implementation, investment in training, training methods and activities developed in SMEs.

There will be an opportunity after the presentations, for questions to be presented to a panel.

If you would be interested to attend this event, or would like to receive further information on the project, please contact Mireia Rogers at the address below.

Tellus Ltd, Parkway Court, Marsh Mills, Plymouth, United Kingdom PL6 8LR

tel: +44 1752 207007, fax: +44 (0)1752 207008

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