Hi, Elaine -

Not to be an alarmist, but that seems to happen a lot with IBC and with
people who recur as IBC.  Obviously, I have no way to tell what her
situation is, but I can describe for you what IBC folks seem to have.

Amongst IBC survivors, we refer to it as the skin crud (does that sound
like what she has).  The temperature of the area with the skin crud will
typically be a couple of degrees warmer than other areas of the skin
(like the same area of the body on the opposite side).  Skin crud looks
like a really bad case of exema and/or psoriasis (or maybe a
combination) when it gets going for a while.  At some point, this turns
into weeping wounds.

One thing she might want to look at is a skin covering called Vigalon
(one thing you can do with it is put it in the refrigerator then put it
over the weeping area -- it's amazing how the cold settles down the
nerves in the skin after the initial shock! It also works great when
skin gets cruddy during radiation -- that's where I found out about it).

I sure hope that she doesn't have IBC, but if she does, please have her
contact me.


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