The folks who suggest talking to Mary are right.

One thing that's worried me ever since the federal program got going is
what do you do next.  It's a little bit akin to the advice given to
people who think they want genetics counseling, i.e., "What do you think
you want to do once you have the information?"

I think that there was some kind of expectation on the part of the Feds
that the localities would pick things up.  Perhaps this is true in
places that have public hospitals (Los Angeles County comes to mind).
But many places certainly don't have this kind of facility nor do they
have a significant amount of public funding to provide treatment for
patients in private hospitals.

I do have a concern that the willingness of non-BrCa people to sponsor
participants in R4C and other Komen events might be reduced if they knew
a chunk of the local 25% was going for treatment.  But there needs to be
some serious work done to cover the BCCCP folks, so my mind is presently
split (imagine if the rest of me split so there were two of me -- scary
thought, huh? ;-)

This probably doesn't help, but it's my view of the situation.

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