On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, Steve Runge wrote:

> ...Your communication was clear, James, in spite of them. Sure, they
> gave me a point of leverage to use against you in a dirty-trick,
> ad-grammarium kind of argumentation, but they didn't obscure your meaning.
> My point is that spelling, grammar, and usage are partly involved in clarity
> and partly involved in power-relations...
> I'm not saying we shouldn't teach grammar, but let's make
> sure we're schooling students of writing in the realpolitik of grammar and
> usage, and not just bludgeoning them with red-marks that seem more
> derivative of medieval penitence than instructional technique.


        Thanks for your response.  Proofreading IS, I see, of the essence.
However, your point is well taken.  In fact, I have tried not to wield
that club of grammar too heavily in my classes, but do require somewhat
competent skills.


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