How about the famous, "It is like um the ..." My students use this in
their oral presentations a great deal.

How about "kinda sorta", "alls we do", and of course the dreaded use
of the word "ain't". Lorraine

>    My favorites follow:
> 1.  Misuse of the word *seen*:  As in "I seen the plane crash."
> 2.  Colloquial misuse of the word *all*:  As in "I'm like all surprised that
>     you are like -- all worried about how I -- like speak!" (accent on
>     last word)
> 3.  Non-reverent use of the word *God* in everyday speech in reference to
>     mundane, non-spiritual matters: As in "Oh God. I forgot to put the milk in
>     the macaroni and cheese."
> Pat Schutz
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