At our school, we also pay our tutors anyway.  We allow a maximum of 2
missed, unexcused sessions (3 if there's a special circumstance) for
students getting tutored.

If the student misses their quota, they are dropped from the program.
However, we make sure the student is contacted and warned of these
consequences after each missed session.

We see the responsibility of coming to a tutoring session as part of the
student's general educational responsibility--what we are trying to help
them learn!  Just as not studying nets poor results, not attending
sessions should also have consequences.  And besides, we can't pay tutors
to sit in a room alone!

This may sound harsh, but we do have drop-in hours that the released
student can attend.  Also, if they think they can turn things around
and commit to coming regularly, they can be readmitted to regular
tutoring after a simple appeals process.

Good luck!
Mike Giazzoni

On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, Stacy Kinnell wrote:

> To those of you who run tutoring programs, how do you handle a situation
> when a student does not show up for a tutoring session? We have to pay
> our tutors anyway. But, what do you do to the student? Have them pay for
> the tutoring session?
> Thanks!
> Stacy Kinnell
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Mike Giazzoni
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