Dear Lonna,

Thank you for agreeing to send Ed's messages to Mrs. Ketz.  What a treasure
that will be.  In addition, I suggest that all of us send a brief note to
Mrs. Ketz with our business cards inside.  Can you imagine seeing all our
cards from literally all over the world?

Ed's death has caused me to spend some time this morning thinking about the
power of this community we call LRNASST.  Few of us will ever see each
other in person, but we know each other through our words.  When I taught
in Arkansas back in the 70's, several of us from different disciplines met
over coffee each day for 30 minutes or so to discuss all kinds of topics,
to dispute assertions, and to get better acquainted.  Most of the time the
group was limited to 4-6 people and changed as a seat became vacant.  With
LRNASST, we have almost 1,000 individuals from all over the world who
listen to appeals for information, respond to concerns, and, occasionally,
to mediate a dispute.  We have the luxury of responding individually to
each other if we prefer.  AND, at least for now, we can do so at little or
no cost in an instant.

Perhaps our loss of Ed Ketz can serve as a reminder that it is not "ladies
and gentlemen of the vast internet," but concerned, caring, and dedicated
persons who receive our messages and send us theirs.

Thank you all for the value you have added to my life this year and the
kind words you have expressed concerning my postings.

God bless you all.  I look forward to 1999.

Don Garnett