We have two different services that handle it differently.  Since our
Learning Center has appointments and drop-in, sometimes if a student
doesn't show than the tutor can sometimes get a drop-in or if the student
calls and cancels they can get a new appointment. Otherwise, the tutor has
some time to use the hour -to plan a workshop or call a professor if they
are professional- or if they are a graduate student or undergraduate to
talk to other tutors about their work or questions or to catch up on any
paperwork.  They always get paid but we have  a form that we give to
students who make appointments that makes it clear that students should
call and cancel if they can't make it.

In Tutoring Services we pay students by the hour to meet their students
and they do get paid.  They get warned if they miss a weekly meeting and
dropped if they miss three.  Since the students make appointments for the
semester it usually indicates that either the student is not prepared for
the tutoring or the tutoring is not working for other reasons.  If this
is a constant problem, them the quality of tutoring needs to be
investigated.  Also, some students don't show if tutoring is a
requirement and they didn't choose to come in for it on their own.  It
is annoying for all when the student doesn't show and this annoyance is
passed on to them when they do return.  Group tutoring, walk-in tutoring,
or supplemental instruction is another alternative because you are not
just setting up tutoring for one individual.

We try to let the students know that everyone gets paid for tutoring and
that we don't want to waste money or someone's time because another
student could have been helped.  If you explain this to students and
compare it to a doctor's appointment or a hairdresser-they do understand
it generally.  One of our jobs indirectly is to hold them accountable and
to make them responsible as adults.  Sometimes, I am surprised by how well
they do.

Jackie Simon
Rider University
Education Enhancement Program

On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, Stacy Kinnell wrote:

> To those of you who run tutoring programs, how do you handle a situation
> when a student does not show up for a tutoring session? We have to pay
> our tutors anyway. But, what do you do to the student? Have them pay for
> the tutoring session?
> Thanks!
> Stacy Kinnell
> Athletic Academic Advisor
> UAB Blazers