Rider University
4 year private liberal arts college
4000 UG
1 Full Time Director of Program
1Full Time Director/Learning Center and Learning Disabilities
5 part-time professional tutors (approx. 85 hours per week)
2 graduate students (40 hours per week)
4 Student Writing Associates (20 hours per week)
15 Computer Lab Assistants
10 New Computers and Laser Printer (Networked)
1 Full Time Secretary

18 sections of two levels of reading (adjuncts)

1 Full Time Director/ Tutoring Services
1 Full Time Secretary/Coordinator
90 Student tutors

1 Full Time Director/Math Skills Lab
1 Full Time Secretary/Coordinator
14 Student Tutors in Math
5 Computers and Laser Printer (Networked)
Math Skills Lab also houses Basic Algebra class (17 sections per year)

Hope the numbers help.

Jackie Simon, Director
Education Enhancement Program