Hello to everyone on this list! Since I just signed on the to list, I'd like
to introduce myself and also ask for some help. I am currently working at a
small, private, liberal arts college in Ohio. I currently work with our
residence hall system and with atheletes who are academically at risk. My
position is housed in Student Affairs, but I also work with our campus
learning disabilities program (called the PLUS program). After attending a
recent conference for housing officials, I began wondering about how we
could better serve students with learning disabilities in our residence
halls. Specifically, I am interested in what types of special considerations
housing officials should be aware of when dealing with known (and unknown)
learning disabilities and/or physical disabilities. I am also interested in
what types of "reasonable accommodations" you might foresee students with
learning disabilities asking for in the residence halls. Single rooms are
commonly asked for, but I'm not sure what type of protocol should be used
when deciding if this is really necessary or just desired because it's
easier than adjusting to a roommate. Specifically, we see students with
OCD/ADD/ADHD requesting the single rooms.

If you have any information that you think would be beneficial to share with
other housing officers or if you have had issues in the past with residence
life policies or procedures, would you please email me directly with those
thoughts? Unless the list would like to see all responses, I ask that
responses just be sent to me directly so as not to congest the list.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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