I am in search of studies and research which validate the effectiveness of
certain study habits.

The reason I am doing this is that my January project is to create a type of
test for learners which would have several components, be delivered via the
and be available to all learners (no matter what institution or purpose).

it would be comprised of a series of questions which present options which
would have the net effect of
demonstrating and quantifying the effectiveness of certain study skills or

For example:  I would not ask "Do you review your notes immediately after a
class lecture?"
in the classroom strategies sector,

but rather

"If you review your notes after a class lecture, it is possible to improve
retention by
___ 10%   __ 20%  __  30%  __50%  __70%."

There would be several optional components to responses on the self test:
        immediate feedback;
        a link to the appropriate sector of my "Studyguides" website
        a cumulative, readily accessible "score"
        a cumulative score according to categorized skills (reading,
writing, classroom, testing, etc)
        a reference to the study which validates the answer
        other references

I would like to invite you to contribute.  All accepted entries will be

However, the goal will be to simplify the presentation and process, and to
be as inviting as
possible.  The testing pages will have no graphics, sound, dancing dogs, or
distractions.  This has proved particularly successful with the
"Studyguides" website
( itself, which is accessed
( in 7languages) over 200,000 times for all pages each year, and has been
by several school systems, here and abroad.  (Check "kudos" for a few

My goal is to provide a effective self-help resource for learners, and I
will also appreciate
commentary on its development (i.e. additional features).  I am also aware
that this is
a time for finals when we are all busy, busy, busy--and delayed responses
are welcome.

thank you

joe landsberger