Thank you, Frank, for forwarding the article on electronic texts.
Those of us who teach reading and study skills need to be considering
the instructional implications of such a shift.

How does one skim and scan for information on screen? How will
highlighting and annotating text be modified? I can imagine someone
creating e-text-compatible software that will allow for underlining
or boldfacing in multiple colors and for placing marginal comments in
post-it notes on the screen.

Which format--paper or electronic--better facilitates review, or does
the format matter? My initial impression is that screen size does
negatively impact one's ability to achieve the gestalt of lengthy,
complex material. It seems much more suitable for acquiring
bite-sized (byte-sized?) pieces of information.

Which format better lends itself to rapid reading? I vaguely remember
reading somewhere that on-screen material can cut reading rates by
about one third. Or is it just the reaction of my tired middle-aged

At any rate, I seriously doubt that I'll slide into retirement
without being forced to confront in the classroom the challenges
presented by this latest innovation.

Sue Wickham