A moment of thanks is in order. I read the article you posted entitled
"Textbooks Shifting From Printed Page to Screen" and truly hope that other
publishers continue to do this.

I am a publisher - the founder and one of the owners of RonJon Publishing,
Inc. - a very innovative company starting its 11th year. We were awarded
"Honorable Mention" as one of the most innovative in the nation by the
Digital Publishing and Printing Conference. With those very brief
credentials in mind, let me state unequivocally that paper is going to be
around for a long, long time.

Of course, the computer is too.

We believe that one is not a replacement for the other and to attempt to do
so would be analogous to buying and wearing shoes that just don't fit.
Sure, it can happen but no one is really happy about it except the company
selling the shoes.

At RonJon, we are using the strengths and advantages of each (books and
computers) to create a powerful, easy-to-use, functional, inexpensive,
efficient, and innovative product to help facilitate students' attempts at
learning and that relieves faculty of numerous mundane, time-consuming
tasks. This is where we believe "publishing" will go to take its next
"giant" step and we have, in essence, "bet" the company on it.

The first of these innovative products is designed specifically for
Developmental Education. A "sneak peek" will be available late January on
our new website. The official announcement will take place at NADE in
Detroit February 17th. If you are these, please come by the booth and say

Thank you.

Ron Jones

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