In Texas, there are a few favorites that we often hear from our
students and see in their writing:

"fixin' to"  As in "I'm fixin' to get my homework done"

"needs..."  As in "your car needs worshed" (Ok, Ok, "washed" its that
darn phonetic spelling again)

Seriously, one way we have assisted our study skills students in
their writing (besides just having them write several papers) was to
give them a badly written paper.  The papers errors included
incorrect grammar, misspellings, incorrect sentence structure,
colloquial speech...etc.  Their task is to correct the paper.  This
gives them a chance to practice using the word processing programs at
our school and to improve their writing.  Although we have no
quantifiable data, our impression is that the papers written by
students have improved (sure there may be cohort effects).  Anyway,
just a though to share.


> How about the famous, "It is like um the ..." My students use this in
> their oral presentations a great deal.
> How about "kinda sorta", "alls we do", and of course the dreaded use
> of the word "ain't". Lorraine
> >    My favorites follow:
> >
> > 1.  Misuse of the word *seen*:  As in "I seen the plane crash."
> >
> > 2.  Colloquial misuse of the word *all*:  As in "I'm like all surprised that
> >     you are like -- all worried about how I -- like speak!" (accent on
> >     last word)
> >
> > 3.  Non-reverent use of the word *God* in everyday speech in reference to
> >     mundane, non-spiritual matters: As in "Oh God. I forgot to put the milk in
> >     the macaroni and cheese."
> >
> > Pat Schutz
> >
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