Does CRLA and/or NADE (or another learning assistance organization)
have standards for the number of staff needed to operate a learning
center based on the college's enrollment?  I'm looking for ratios,
number of professional staff per number of FTE's, for example.

[Maybe such numbers would be impossible to compute, considering the
vast range of programs and services offered by learning centers.
Plus, the information would probably need to be sorted by type of
institution and institution size.]

I'm looking for research that will support my request for staff!
I've quickly looked through the NADE Self-Evaluation Guide and
Maxwell's Evaluating Academic Skills Programs: A Source Book, but I
see no recommendations for sizes of staff, professional and support.
Is anyone aware of the existance of such information?

If folks in positions similar to mine wish to reply to me personally,
I'll collect the info. and post a summary.  I am the Learning Center
Director at a private, 4-yr. liberal arts college, enrollment
500-550.  My Learning Center programs include peer tutoring, SI,
services for students with disabilities, and study skills counseling.
I also serve as a writing tutor.  I have NO staff, professional or
support, and this is my 7th year; I developed the current Learning

Thanks for any assistance--     Lori

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