Laura: Here is my advice from a admitted NONEXPERT...... I have noticed that
news anchors on the nightly news such as Peter Jennings or Dan Rather speak a
very standand non-dialect English. I would suggest that your student make it a
habit to watch the national news and concentrate on the speech rather than the
content of the news. I'm sure others will have better ideas also. Barb

Laura Symons wrote:

> Dear Fellow Listers,
> I have a student who is from a small, rural community where colloquial
> language does not adhere to the rules of Standard American English.  She is
> making great strides in learning how to write in Standard American English,
> but her spoken English is still straight from home.  She would like to
> change this in order to avoid the prejudices many people have against
> speakers of non-standard dialects.  She is planning to take a public
> speaking course next semester, but I think there must be an intermediate
> step she could take between now and then.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks and a hat tip,
> Laura
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