Response to Math Placement Testing:
Yes, we give a Math Placement during summer orientation for freshmen.

All students take the test unless they advanced placed in math or are
transferring in their basic skills math course requirement. The course
must have been already approved for transfer.

There are 48 questions beginning with basic through trigonometry and
pre-calculus.  The students are told that they do not need to answer the
last page of the test if they have not taken trigonometry or
pre-calculus in high school.

They are given 60 minutes to take the test.

Our Math Department wrote the test and we provide the results of scoring
to the department after each orientation session.  The test is scantron
scored. The Math Department has worked out a number cutoff using the raw
score of the test and the math ACT sub score in combination  to
determine the guidelines for which math class a student should take.
Each student is provided the test, 4 pages in length, a scantron form,
and scratch paper.  We do not allow calculators.

If you would like more details about the construction of the test, you
could contact Mary Jane Sterling, Math Department, 309-677-2498 or email
her at [log in to unmask]

Hope this helps!

Carolyn Griffith, Director
Center for Learning Assistance
Bradley University
Peoria, IL

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>Subject:       using calculators on math placement tests
>We are gathering some information about using calculators on math placement
>tests.  Please respond to the following questions.  Please feel free to
>e-mail me if you prefer that to answering on-line.
>1.  Do you give a math placement test?
>2.  Who is required to take the test?
>3.  How many questions are on the test and what levels does it cover?
>4.  MOST IMPORTANT - Do you allow the use of calculators?  If yes, what type?
>Do students being their own or do you provide the calculators?
>Thanks for responding.
>Kathy Haberer
>Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville