Thanks for asking. The responses have given me some good ideas; what I'd
done until now was let my tutors handle it, hoping that they, being peers,
would be the best ones to correct the problem.

I'm not sure I'm going to stick with that now that I've seen some other ways
of handling the problem.

Steve Runge
Academic Skills Coordinator
St. Lawrence U.
Canton, NY 13617
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Date: Tuesday, December 08, 1998 10:08 AM
Subject: Student no-show for tutor session

>To those of you who run tutoring programs, how do you handle a situation
>when a student does not show up for a tutoring session? We have to pay
>our tutors anyway. But, what do you do to the student? Have them pay for
>the tutoring session?
>Stacy Kinnell
>Athletic Academic Advisor
>UAB Blazers