Hi.  I work at Nova Southeastern University, an independent college in Fort
Lauderdale.  I recently did a study on what you wrote about.  The results
were similar for developmental students, but reverse for the others.
Specifically, I compared students who took our develeopmental class and
students who didn't take the developmental class on their performances in our
next level class, Intermediate Algebra.    The developmental students passed
at a rate of 60% and those who started with the Intermediate Algebra passed
it at a rate of 48%.  I looked at first attempts at the class, not repeaters
in it.  In order to have moved up from the developmental class, students
needed a C or better.

As for the pass rate in the developmental class, it is around 55%.  We do not
have self-paced programs.  We have about 200 students take the class each
year on our main campus and that is the population I have studied during my
doctoral program.  I may be looking into alternative approaches to teaching
our developmental class, to help students perform better.

I  hope this information helps.  I don't have any stats for the
English/writing courses.


Neil Starr
Math Specialist
Academic Support Center
Nova Southeastern University

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> I am more interested in how students do in the next math or English
> course.  For example, when students complete our remedial math they only
> have a 50% pass rate in Finite compared to other students who didn't need
> the remedial and had a 80% pass rate.  We now must face other questions
> about our course and the required course.
>  We actually have a very high pass rate in our remedial class because it
> is self paced and the students can put in extra hours outside of class to
> finish the course.
> Jackie Simom
> Rider University