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> If you are interested in learning how Internet is used as tool for
> education ,
> or doing different or creative ideas, in education , health care or
> whatever, the site in Finland is informative and in English.
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           * Educom
             Through direct services and cooperative efforts,
             Educom offers leadership and assistance to its
             member institutions in order to address critical
             issues surrounding the role of information
             technology in higher education.
           * The Finnish Association for Distance Education
             An association for distance education institutions
             or organisations which offer higher education at a
             distance. Includes 10 universities and university
           * The International Centre for Distance Learning
             A documentation centre specialising in collecting
             and disseminating information on distance education
           * International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
             A non-profit corporation composed of members and
             affiliates from all over the world to promote,
             encourage, and facilitate the development and
             implementation of interoperable multimedia
             teleconferencing solutions based on open
             international standards.
           * International Teleconferencing Association
             A professional association linking users, providers,
             strategists, educators, learners, managers and
             employees using teleconferencing, telecollaborative
             and distance education technologies.
           * Norwegian Association for Distance Education (NADE)
             NADE is a membership organization. It's members are
             institutions from within the private, other
             independent non-public and the public sector.
           * Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE)
             Association for people or organizatons within all
             fields of distance education.


           * DEOSNEWS
             A gopher archive of DEOSNEWS documents.


           * Education First
             A Pacific Bell project aimed at providing technology
             resources to the 9,000 California schools and
             libraries in the company's service territory.
           * Faculty Develpment Clearinghouse for
             Videoconferencing Instruction
             A project at CSU Sacramento for the purpose of
             supplying those interested with resources for
             videoconferencing instruction and distance


           * Community Learning Network
             CLN is designed to help K-12 teachers integrate
             technology into their classrooms. This excellent
             site provide links to curricular content,
             instructional materials (e.g., lesson plans),
             background information on technology integration,
             practical help for teachers looking for
             keypals/projects, internet guidebooks, software
             repositories, listservs and school pages.
             Open School of the Open Learning Agency, British
             Columbia, Canada
           * Comprehensive Distance Education List of Resources
             A collection of links to distance education related
             sites. Links are divided into four categories:
             educational, corporate, program and collections of
             links but are not described in any way.
             Thomas R. Ramage
           * Distance Education Clearinghouse
             By far the best distance education site. An
             excellent, well-filtered introduction to the world
             of distance education: introductory guides, a lot of
             references and bibliographies.
             University of Wisconsin-Extension
           * Distance Education Resources for Instructors and
             The Internet resources in this annotated listing are
             of interest to distance education faculty members
             and students.
             Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System
           * Distance Learning Directory
             Directory on various distance education related
             topics, e.g. DL in different levels of education,
             electronic classrooms, teleconferencing etc.
             Howard University Continuing Education Program
           * The European Telematics Horizontal Observatory
             ETHOS will provide a horizontal observatory service
             to the Telematics Applications Programme. It
             monitors and assesses the deployment of applications
             of information and communication technologies,
             developments in market trends, state of deployment
             of telematics applications and user needs in Europe
             and other countries and regions and developments in
             both computer and/or telecommunications


           * Bill Buxton's papers
             Papers on teleconferencing, mediaspaces and
             Bill Buxton
           * Desktop Videoconferencing
             A paper that discusses the benefits and
             disadvantages of using desktop videoconferencing.
             Rita Czeck
           * Educational Videoconferencing: Critical Success
             A very good paper providing insights into the
             critical success factors that influence the
             implementation of videoconferencing.
             John Mitchell & Associates
           * Videoconferencing and Distance Learning
             A report on two case studies of courses delivered by
             videoconferencing in the University of Ulster. An
             external evaluator was used to conduct interviews
             with the tutors and the study groups. The report
             includes a background section on the technical,
             pedagogical and managerial context of teaching and
             learning by videoconferencing.
             Abbott, Dallat, Livingston, Robinson
           * Video Conferencing and Learning in Higher Education
             Dr. Lynne Coventry, Heriot Watt University,
           * Videoconferencing and the Adult Learner
             An excellent and very comprehensive research report
             made by the University of Ulster on the
             effectiveness of videoconferencing as a medium for
             cross-campus distance learning.
             Dallat, Fraser, Livingston, Robinson
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