I also agree with Lonna's well chosen words.

In my selecting of emails to read on this list, I never skipped Ed's.  It was self-interest on my part.  Ed had a wonderful way of weaving respect, hope,  and wonder into his words and work.  I opened his emails with expectation.  They were like gifts.

Yes, we are in a new time.  I am feeling grief and sadness for someone "I knew" on line.  I am grateful for that limited "relationship" and confident of the significantly richer relationship enjoyed by Ed's family and friends.

Roger Elrod

>>> Lonna Smith <[log in to unmask]> - 12/5/98 3:50 PM >>>
What a shock to hear that Ed Ketz passed away.  His messages were always a joy
to read.  Not only did they contain excellent, well-expressed ideas, they were
also filled with humor.  It was obvious that Ed was a talented educator as
well as a heck of a nice guy.  What a loss!

Lonna Smith