I am forwarding this "call for manuscripts" in the hope that someone from a learning support center or developmental education program is encouraged to respond. We need to be a presence in publications like these.  Also, it does help those who are concerned about R, T, & P committees.
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Subject:        call for manuscripts

Call for contributors to a non-technical book on Web-based Pedagogy.
You are invited to submit an abstract, early draft, or completed manuscript
for an anthology that takes up non-technical issues associated with World
Wide Web-based pedagogy.  The working title for the book is, "Issues in
Web-Based Pedagogy: A Critical Primer," a preliminary prospectus for which
is being submitted to several academic publishing houses.

Aimed at a variety of disciplines, the collection will bring together
diverse perspectives on this mode of education from within the fields of,
among others, business, communication, curriculum and instruction,
economics, education, literature, history, sociology, and psychology.

Works that speak to the form and/or content of web-based instruction are
appropriate.  Chapters whose foci are qualitatively or quantitatively
grounded are equally encouraged.  Particularly sought, however, is work that
raises the reader's critical reflection on the practices and potentials of
Web-based pedagogy.

Topics for essays might include, for example: Case studies or empirical
analyses of web-based instruction, its social, psychological, or economic
implications, paradigmatic or philosophical considerations, form and design
issues, questions of intellectual property and content ownership, quality
control, and/or censorship.

Interested authors are encouraged to send their materials (please include a
vita) by January, 29th, 1999.  The tentative time table for submitting
completed manuscripts is late Spring/early Summer, 1999, with publication as
soon thereafter as possible.

Please address all inquiries or materials  to:

Dr. Robert A. Cole
Dept. of Communication Studies
State University of New York Oswego
Oswego, NY   13126
315-341-3527 (office)
315-341-5658 (fax)
315-343-2725 (home)
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