Please suggest names (and contact info) for learning services professionals who could serve as consultants in a reorganization process involving our Learning Center (academic support for all undergrads), our Student Resource Center (academic support for specific populations, including DSR), and all three colleges' academic advising.

Santa Clara University is a private, 4 year, competitive, liberal arts college with 4,000+ Undergrads (and 3,000+ Grads).  The institution is located in the south San Francisco Bay Area in the center of Silicon Valley.  In the reorganization, two new centers are planned out of an existing five:  A MultiCultural Center for Learning and a Center for Learning and Advising (this name has not been decided).

The University wants both new centers in place starting Fall of 1999.  The main consulting work would be January to March.  A consultant is needed to represent learning support service concerns in a process that has been dominated by advising concerns.

Individuals who want more information, wish to make a referral, or want to suggest themselves should contact me through one of the means identified below.

With Appreciation,

Roger Razzari Elrod
The Learning Center
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA 95053-0640

408-554-4011 wk
408-554-2143 fax

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