At Trident Technical College we are examining different ways to hold onto and to
encourage people wanting a college education as they become faced with the
prospects of developmental/remedial studies.  If you have information about any
one or more of the following elements of alternative programs or designs for
developmental studies, please cite a reference or point the way where we might
learn more from those who are applying such elements.  Thanks

        1.  "Open" laboratories with flexible entry and exit points during the
                academic term;

        2.  Reliable diagnostic/assessment instruments for students needing
                developmental studies English, reading and basic mathematics;

        3.  Providing variable contact hours based on needs for developmental

        4.  "Good" use of technology/courseware for developmental studies.

Thanks again for any leads or info you can give.

Thomas B. Clark
Chair, Developmental Studies
Trident Technical College
Charleston, SC