We used to call our course "Study Skills and Personal Development," but
changed the name to "Introduction to University Studies," which I didn't
come up with but rather like.

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On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Sandra Yarbrough wrote:

> I am looking for any suggestions for a new name for our study
> skills classes.  We currently teach our course as a 2 semester, 2
> course sequence.  The titles we use now are Skills for Academic
> Success and Skills for Critical Thinking.  Academic Success is
> first semester, Critical Thinking is second semester.
> We want to get rid of the word "skills" and design one title that fits
> both courses and designate them as "I" and "II".
> Academic Success covers basic study skills.  Critical Thinking
> covers things like problem solving, reasoning, and arguments using
> a debate format as our vehicle for learning.
> Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.  We're trying to
> make a decision before mid-February when our fall class schedule
> is published.
> Thanks again!
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