The NADE Standards and Evaluation Committee will be conducting a
certification training workshop prior to the NADE conference in Detroit
on Tuesday, February 16th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   If you are
interested in applying for NADE certification for your tutor program,
adjunct program (i.e., Supplemental Instruction) or developmental course,
attending the training workshop is the first step in the certification
process and required of all certification applicants.

Susan Clark Thayer and I will conduct the workshop to explain the entire
certification application process, clarify the criteria for eligibility,
train you in the use of the NADE Guides for the self-study portion of the
process, and explain the documentation to be submitted in the final stage
of the certification application process.

Considering applying for certification?  Here are the basic eligibility
criteria in addition to attending the training workshop:
1. The program component applying for certification (the tutor program,
adjunct skills program, or developmental course) must have been in
operation for at least 3 years and the center or unit in which the program
component is housed must have been in place at least 5 years.
2. There are written mission and goal statements for the center/unit and
the program component being reviewed for certification.
3. There is a description of the theoretical foundation used to guide the
center/unit and the program component being reviewed for certification.
4. The component being reviewed for certification has an evaluation
process is in place using both qualitative and quantitative measures that
substantiate the component is achieving the stated goals of the component.

If your program meets these basic criteria, we invite you to join us for
the certification training workshop at NADE in Detroit.

Please contact me for further information.

Georgine Materniak
Co-Chair of NADE Standards and Evaluation Committee
University of Pittsburgh
Learning Skills Center
311 William Pitt Union
Pittsburgh, PA  15260
phone:  (412)648-7920
fax:    (412)648-7924
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