Hi everyone,

I need a bit of help brainstorming ideas on how to handle a situation that
has the potential to become a hot bed of territorial behavior, big egos,
backstabing, and nasty campus politics.

Last quarter I started a new writing assistance center (WAC) in conjunction
with the chair of the liberal arts department.  She is a composition
faculty member and has provided the WAC with several faculty members to
work as faculty writing mentors, that worked with my peer tutors.  This
center was a joint effort.....or so I thought.  I am at a small private art
and design college where there is a substantial bit of favoritism.
Needless to say she is in good with the powers that be, and when talking to
them about the success of the WAC neglected to mention that she provided
the technical content area support and I was responsible for everything
else.  She kept insisting that we hire a "director" for the WAC, and I kept
telling her that I was that person.  Our last conversation before the
winter break ended with the two of us agreeing that I HAD to be involved in
any meeting regarding job description development and interviews as this
person should be hired into my program.

I was not involved in any way in the hiring of a "Director" for the WAC,
and have yet to be informed of this new development from the person I had
been working collaborativly with on the WAC.  I found out through the Dean
of her college.  In addition, her faculty are now telling my tutors that
they are no longer needed because they have it covered.

My quandary is should I relinquish all responsibility for the WAC (as well
as providing any kind of tutoring services for any composition related
class) to the liberal arts department or should I fight to regain control
over an aspect of my job that has been highjacked by them? I am trying to
keep the best interest of the students of our college at heart, while being
torn by the annoyance/anger of someone trying to mess with my job.

As my direct supervisor, the Associate Dean of Students, is no longer with
the college and I am reporting directly to the Dean of Students, I feel as
if I have no voice in this matter.  If anyone had any tips or advice I
would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance,


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