Way to go Rosalind!

I agree about the salary secrets here in the US.  What is so private
about public information?  Not knowing a salary ahead of time causes
many candidates to waste time, paper, and the valuable time and efforts
of references.  Also, one instutitions's commensurate on salary can be a
candidate's dream or nightmare.  The word commensurate has no meaning
anymore in relation to jobs.

If an institution omits salary from a job announcement, I begin to
wonder why they are hiding it.  I can't speak for others, but I have
avoided applying for several jobs because they hid, were shamed of, or
for some other reason omitted the salary.  I don't understand the
practice of not listing salaries with job postings.  Actually, I feel it
is rude not to  include salary with job postings.   I wonder what are
the thoughts of our colleagues on this?

Dennis Congos

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