I have a question on an issue related to salaries.  Is there a source
of salary ranges for learning assistance positions, particularly
reading, that is accessible?  If so, could someone
direct me there?  One of our instructors is looking for salaries of
reading instructors with qualifications/experience similar to hers.
Some background--It's a salary dispute (of course) and the
administration is unwilling to accept other positions on campus as
comparable because they are tenure-earning (ours are not) or because
we are practitioners of reading rather than educators of future
reading teachers.  They have asked what the range in the
field-at-large is and so we are attempting to provide them with some
data.  If you would personally be willing to contribute information
about salary ranges at your institution, we would appreciate it.  We
are looking for professionals with similar qualifications/situations:

1. Ph.D. in reading/literacy/education/related field
2. 4-5 years experience teaching college/university-level reading
3. Prefer 4-year institutions but community colleges w/#s 1&2 would
be very welcomed.

If you are willing to provide info., could you also give the rank of
the position (instructor, assistant prof., etc.) and whether it is
tenure-earning or not?  I would be happy to compile any information I
get and make it available to the list.  Thanks in advance for your
help.  Linda


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