You might want to look at our website at
Click on Student Services/Academic Support/NovaNET to see how we address the
concerns stated below in your letter.

We are currently using NovaNET in three ways:
1) to meet Admissions high school or program prerequisites in basic math,
algebra I and II, English writing, biology, chemistry and physics (includes testing,
open entry/exit)
2) to earn course credit in our first five level math courses: Foundations
of Math, Algebra, Trig, Geometry and Precalcalculus.
3) to supplement coursework in all program areas including Anatomy and
Physiology, Electronics, Botany, etc. See below for the list of curricula areas that
are accessed via NovaNET on our campus.

NovaNET Curricula in General Education
a)  Introduction to NovaNET - Read This First!
b)  General Education: English, Business and Accounting, Psychology Sociology,
Political Science, Economics
c)  Math and Sciences: College Mathematics, Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry,
Biology, Physics
d)  Developmental Education: Extended Studies, Basic Skills, Study Skills
e)  General Interest: Job Listings/Career Information, Legal Issues, Wellness,
Typing Instruction, Photography, etc.

a)  Health and Medical Programs: Respiratory Therapy, Nursing, Medical Assistant,
Radiation Therapy, Radiology, Dental Technology, Cardiovascular Technology
b)  Science and Technology Occupations: Plant and Soil Technology, Nautical Science,
Applied Marine Biology, Electronics and Electrical Technologies, Computer
Technology, Pollution Abatement, Environmental Technology
c)  Trade and Technology Occupations: Automotive Technology, Building Construction,
Machine Tool Technology, Drafting Technology
e)  Hospitality Management: Culinary Arts, Hotel Management, Dietary Tech
d)  Other Careers: Law Enforcement Technology, Automated Office Management, Early
Childhood Education, Video Technology, Commercial Driving

Some of these areas are stronger than others, but overall, we think it is great and
can't imagine life without it. If you have any other questions, let me know.

You should be able to speak with someone about NovaNET at 1-800-937-6682,
Ext 112, Steve Gardner in Tucson.

Gail A. Rowe, Coordinator
Learning Assistance Programs
Southern Maine Technical College
2 Fort Road
So. Portland, ME 04106 [log in to unmask]

Thom Clark 574-6464 wrote:

> At Trident Technical College we are examining different ways to hold onto and to
> encourage people wanting a college education as they become faced with the
> prospects of developmental/remedial studies.  If you have information about any
> one or more of the following elements of alternative programs or designs for
> developmental studies, please cite a reference or point the way where we might
> learn more from those who are applying such elements.  Thanks
>         1.  "Open" laboratories with flexible entry and exit points during the
>                 academic term;
>         2.  Reliable diagnostic/assessment instruments for students needing
>                 developmental studies English, reading and basic mathematics;
>         3.  Providing variable contact hours based on needs for developmental
>                 studies;
>         4.  "Good" use of technology/courseware for developmental studies.
> Thanks again for any leads or info you can give.
> Thomas B. Clark
> Chair, Developmental Studies
> Trident Technical College
> Charleston, SC