I don't believe Gary's comments were meant to express a stereotype of learning
disabled students.  I have formerly worked in a community/junior college setting
where students who were correctly identified as special education in the secondary
schools were labeled "learning disabled" for admissions purposes.  In these cases, I
believe the student has been done a disservice because, frankly, we haven't been
able to give them the type of education they were paying for.

Patricia Bright
Washington & Jefferson College
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Lonna Smith wrote:

> Gary K. Probst wrote:
> >
> > Ann Bohling wrote:  I would be interested have some reactions/opinions to the
> > report posted to the list.
> >
> > Gary Probst replied:
> >
> > What hurts the success rate at our community is that 20% of the students in
> > remedial classes are special education graduates.  They are permitted to enter
> > the college because they are learning disabled.
> I have had many students with learning disabilities who have experienced great
> success.  When given the accommodations they need, and when they feel
> comfortable coming to me for help, most students do well.  Yes, some have
> learning disabilities that make higher education a torturous route, but most
> do just fine.
> I think it's a disservice to stereotype students with learning disabilities.
> Lonna Smith