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Memory Techniques and Mnemonics

This page gives you access to powerful methods for significantly
improving the power of your
memory. The following Articles are available:

     Introduction to Memory Techniques
          Association, Imagination and Location
          Memory Fallacies
          Learning Styles and Mnemonics
          Using Mnemonics more Effectively
          Expanding Mnemonic Systems
          Hints on Using Mnemonics

     Memory Techniques Explained
          Mind Tools Mnemonic Grades
          Link Method - v. simple
          Number/Rhyme Mnemonic - simple, effective
          Number/Shape Mnemonic - simple, effective
          Alphabet System - more complex
          Journey Method - simple, powerful (Editor's choice)
          Roman Room Method - simple, powerful
          Major System - complex, v. powerful
          Dominic System - complex, v. powerful

     Applications of Mnemonic Techniques
          Learning Foreign Languages (Editor's choice)
          Using Mnemonics for Exams
          Remembering Peoples' Names
          Remembering Lists
          Remembering Words, Speaches and Quotations
          Subject-Specific Mnemonics
          Remembering Numbers
          Remembering Telephone Numbers
          Remembering Dates
          Remembering Playing Cards

     Discovery Channel School Memory Page

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