Sandra, How about Strategies for Academic Success?

>>> Sandra Yarbrough <[log in to unmask]> 01/13/99 12:17PM >>>
I am looking for any suggestions for a new name for our study
skills classes.  We currently teach our course as a 2 semester, 2
course sequence.  The titles we use now are Skills for Academic
Success and Skills for Critical Thinking.  Academic Success is
first semester, Critical Thinking is second semester.

We want to get rid of the word "skills" and design one title that fits
both courses and designate them as "I" and "II".

Academic Success covers basic study skills.  Critical Thinking
covers things like problem solving, reasoning, and arguments using
a debate format as our vehicle for learning.

Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.  We're trying to
make a decision before mid-February when our fall class schedule
is published.

Thanks again!

Sandra D. Yarbrough
Director, Emerging Scholars
Academic Services
Southern Nazarene University
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