A Research & Scholars Library for Learning Assistance Program Directors, Developmental Education Practitioners, Graduate Students, and Research Scholars is being established at the University of Missouri/Kansas City under the joint direction of David Arendale and Frank Christ. The library is centrally located geographically with its materials both physically accessible  for long or short term browsing and duplication with selected materials  accessible through interlibrary loan and on the Internet.

The library was created based on a rationale that it is and always has been a critical problem for learning assistance administrators, practitioners, research scholars, and graduate students to locate and use appropriate information and relevant data to develop or improve their learning assistance programs and services to students and faculty.  This need to have a central repository of interdisciplinary learning assistance information and research materials will be met by the library's  international collections of books, monographs, proceedings, periodicals, dissertations, theses, audio and video presentations, syllabi,  institutional program materials, textbooks, audiovisual, and computer materials in learning assistance program areas of study skills, reading, ESL, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking.

In addition to the library's physical collection, the online component of the library will feature LINDEX, a unique learning assistance taxonomic database as well as a searchable gray literature collection of individual learning support center  materials such as mission statements, Table of Organization charts, staff descriptions, publicity materials, program descriptions, syllabi for learning skills courses, data collection procedures and reports, and evaluation and annual reports.

Although much of the collection is being acquired through donations from active and retired learning assistance//developmental professionals and publishers, there are significant gaps in the collection. Very shortly, a list of materials that are needed to fill out the collection will be posted. Donors will be recognized through a donor list displayed at the library, a specially designed bookplate acknowledging each book donation, and a confirmation letter regarding the donated materials.

Email either Frank Christ <[log in to unmask]> or David Arendale at <[log in to unmask]> for details regarding any donations that you would care to make.

Remember, this will be our library to enhance our professional growth, academic image, research capability, and publications potential.  Look for ongoing announcements on the progress of our library on this listserv and on the WI web site at
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