I am curious to learn more about the development of study groups at
different institutions.  I would appreciate any information anyone could
provide about their specific program.

How are the study groups developed and for what courses?
How are the group leaders selected and trained?
Are the faculty involved with the groups?
In what capacity are the faculty involved?
How often do the groups meet?
How are the study groups promoted?

We are thinking about starting study groups at Simpson College and would
like it to be a successful experience for the students involved.  Simpson
College is a private liberal arts college that has an enrollment of about
1900 students (full and part-time).

If you wish, please feel free to respond back to me through my campus e-mail!

Thank you!
Todd A. Little
Assistant to the Director, Hawley Academic Resource Center
Simpson College
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phone: (515) 961-1682
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