Frank Christ wrote:

From "News, Trends, and Resources for March 31, 1999," prepared by the
Editors of Syllabus magazine and posted on its listserv.  There was no
reference given. Perhaps someone can reference this for LRNASSTERS.
Computer-Based Instruction Proves its Worth in West Virginia

Researchers from Columbia University released a study on the
effectiveness of West Virginia's Basic Skills/Computer Education (BS/CE)
program. According to the study, commissioned by the Milken Family
Foundation of Los Angeles, instructional technology can make a major
impact on student achievement. The study is based on 8 years of
documented student achievement outcomes, which demonstrated scores
averaging 4% higher in math, language arts, reading, and basic skills.
The cost-effective program also demonstrated the effectiveness of equal
access to computers across gender and socio-economic levels.

The information about the study can be found on the West Virginia Department
of Education website  (  A brief description of
the study is found on the front page, along with links to download the
entire report in a PDF format, and/or a short summary.  The study seems

Tom May
Indiana University Southeast