Maricopa has responded that it was just coincidence that their server is
down today and that the link is still operational. This is good because the
link has a number of good references for those who are interested in
pursuing it.

Also, I just received from Frank Christ a reference to an outstanding link
that is devoted to the subject of 'Learning Colleges" at
<>. Frank, I want to give a
brief answer to you on-line because it will help others avoid some confusion
that I recently went through. The link to Learning Colleges is, as you say,
the original (or one of the original) references to learning communities.
There is, however, a jargonistic difference between 'learning organizations'
and 'learning communities.' The former is the term coined by Peter Senge and
is addressed by the Pegasus conferences. The latter is a movement that is
now spreading across this country at every level of higher education. I
attended a conference hosted by USF in Tampa on the latter
<> and discovered that learning communities
involve the registration of cohort groups in two or more courses that are
taught in coordinated fashion. The people involved in these 'communities,'
students and faculty alike, are fiercely loyal to them and I came away
changed from what I heard. I think there is an application of the 'learning
organization' concept to the 'learning community/college' concept, but they
are, for now, separate concepts.

Also, to the group I apologize for so much overlap between my two previous
submissions. I just found the earlier one during some file organizing. I
know what it's called when you don't remember something you did, but what is
it called when you remember not doing something that you actually did do?

Never mind, I'm blaming it on my computer.

my best,


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