Some of our learning services (my Reading/Learning Strategies Program) are
located in the Educational and Student Services Division of the university,
while others (currently the writing and math labs and TRIO programs) are part
of Academic Affairs.  The services in our division are *better* supported than
those in Academic Affairs.  This may be because the math/writing/TRIO programs
are marginalized within the academic division.

It may also be because our division has been well named, well led, and well
located.  Our VP for ESS reports to the president and serves on the university
cabinet.  In other words, our VP does not report to the provost but works
collegially with the provost.

Some of us in Educational and Student Services have been working on the
faculty-initiated Qualities of an Educated Person project on campus.  And all
divisions had input into the strategic plan.  In fact, the faculty senate is
concerned that so many other voices are heard in the strategic plan that they
are outvoted, in effect.

We don't feel like stepchildren in our division.  Well, okay, we're
stepchildren, but we're loved.  And we have great relationships with the

Is there anyone else who enjoys being in the division that understands about
student development and enjoys not having to fight turf battles with faculty?

Karen Agee
University of Northern Iowa