I am planning to enroll in a distance education masters program.
Unfortunately, there are three classes in the program that are not offered
on-line.  Instead of flying out to the campus each summer to complete these
courses, I would like to find similar classes that I can take via distance
ed or at an institution that is closer to my area.

If you know of an institution that offers any similar courses that can be
completed through distance education, or that are offered at UNLV, UTAH
STATE (EdNet), or SOUTHERN UTAH UNIVERSITY, please let me know.  The courses
(and course descriptions) I am looking for are listed below:

GROUP DYNAMICS LAB (3 cr) - An experiential approach to increasing
sensitivity, diagnostic, and action skills.  Intensive small group
experiences are supplemented by skill practice sessions.

TECHNIQUES OF COUNSELING (3 cr) - Philosophies, principles, theories, and
procedures of counseling.  Includes the use of audio and videotaped
counseling interviews, role playing, and case studies.

MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING (3 cr) - Designed to explore cultural
self-awareness of counselors in multi-cultural situations and to develop
sensitivity to the special needs of persons with different cultural
backgrounds.  Special emphasis will be placed on a transactional approach to
multicultural interaction.

Janet Walker
Student Support Services
Dixie College
St. George, UT
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