Gary Probst replied:

This was not true at Penn State when I was a student.  Also, in the Washington, D.C.
area universities grad students teach many freshman courses.   I also know many Ph.D.
college faculty members who were university freshman instructors while working on
their degree.

I am glad your university does not exploit graduate students.

Also, I am sorry I cannot be in Pennsylvania this week for the first day!  I miss it.

Barbara M Stout wrote:

> Gary: While I agree with you about the necessity and competancy of comm.
> college instructors, I must take strong exception to the comment the grad
> students teach most courses to Freshman at universities. As you can see
> from my title, as SI supervisor and one who works almost exclusively with
> Freshman courses it simple in not true!! All of the Freshman Biolology
> classes, General Chemistry, Statsitics and other courses we work with are
> taught by full PhD faculty!! And these instructors generally lead their
> own recitations. These faculty care very much about Freshman and by the
> way are very supportive of SI and the Learning Skills Center and recommend
> students to us all through the year. Barb
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