I never understood the reasoning behind this
concept.  Training is my preference, partly
because I see tutoring as a service to the
University, not a way to generate income.  Think
about it, at some schools a student would be
paying as much in tuition for that one course as
they would make in a year of tutoring.  Unless it
counts toward a requirement at the school, other
than credit hours, that would be appropriate.  I
train my tutors, and I pay them for the time.

Let me ask you what for what reasons would you
create such a course.

1.  Generate money for your program?
That's a tactic used by many network marketing
schemes, a tactic which is seen by many as

2.  To help recruit potential tutors?
Actually this would be a good reason.

3.  To be more effective than just using training?
I think you can make training as effective as you
want.  I believe tutors will take training as
serious as a course.

If you do create such a course, I suggest you make
it free credit since you are probably going to
have them tutoring for free (That would be like
the lab part of the course).

I am sure that some will disagree, but I just
don't like the idea.  I look forward to hearing
some good counter arguments.

Deborah Kimberlin wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I just returned from a presentation by John Gardner.  He suggested developing a
> credit course for tutoring.  We would like to know more about  tutoring courses
> for credit.  If you offer such courses, would you please reply to me directly.
> Is your institution a 2 year or 4 year one?
> Who teaches the course?    Is the Learning Center staff involved?
> How many credit hours?
> What college or department gives the credit?  (i.e., Arts & Sciences,
> Education?)
> What is the content?    Would you be willing to share your syllubus?
> How long have you had the course?
> How well is it working for you?
> Any information would be helpful.
> Thank you,
> Debbie
> Debbie Kimberlin
>    Learning Center, EAB 117
>    University of Nebraska at Omaha
>    6001 Dodge Street
>    Omaha, NE  68182
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