Anne: I only have one thing to add to Dennis's excellect coverage of your
questions. The closer you stick to the UMKC model of SI the more successful
you will be. It is tested and backed by years of research. When we have had
to varied from the model for a particular reason, for example the student
leader couldn't attend all the classes, then the SI support for that class
was not as successful and we were dissappointed. Barb

Anne A. Mohundro wrote:

> The Office of Freshman Success and the Learning Center at Seattle
> University are considering offering supplemental instruction in certain
> "at risk" courses taken by freshmen.  The Learning Center has had
> experience with providing Chemistry 122 and 123 facilitated
> outside-of-class groups, and Math 110 tutored group sessions. Otherwise,
> we have provided 1:1 tutoring for undergraduates courses in several
> math, science, foreign language, and business subjects including economics
> and statistics.

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