Is the 1995 the cost we will split meaning about $1K each, or is the $1995
the already split cost?

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Subject: Resources for BMT survivors
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 12:46:32 EDT

Greetings, all --

A dear friend has a sister in San Antonio who had a bone marrow transplant
for breast cancer three years ago -- nearly five years after her first
occurrence. She is doing fine.

For a long time after the transplant, she just wanted to get her life back
and to forget (as much as possible) about cancer issues -- not an uncommon
reaction! Now she's arrived at the point of wanting to talk and to share
other survivors who also had marrow or stem cell transplants. Does anyone
know of opportunities (chat groups, e-mail networks, face-to-face,
conferences, etc.) that I might pass on to her?

Thanks --
Seattle Alice

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