Our community college has a somewhat unique requirement in that students are
placed in what is called Guided Studies until they bring their reading,
writing or math scores up to an acceptable level.
While in Guided Studied they are not able to take many other classes on
 We use the Accuplacer for placement in the appropriate levels of classes.

Scores from 36-59 on the reading portion of the test place students in
Guided Studies.
Scores from 31-64 on the writing portion of the test place the students in

These students are probably functioning at the jr high level. We are trying
to stay away from grade equivalencies so it is hard to say exactly what the
scores mean!

Math is not my area and the scores are more complicated!

I hope this helps.

Marcy Porter
Mt Hood Community College
Gresham, OR.
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> > I missed this discussion while on vacation, but we too are very
> interested in this
> > topic.
> We have students enrolling who do not have basic literacy skills.  Our
> question is
> how low of a grade level do we offer curriculum for?  Do we have them
> enroll in the
> curriculum we have designed when we know they can't meet that level or
> do we adjust
> to fit student needs or do we simply set a cut-off level for enrolling?
> Another related question:  What test or screening do you use?
> We have a particular issue for people at or below 4th grade reading
> level.  We use
> Nelson-Denny (G & H) as our standard reading placement instrument but
> whether a
> student misses 15/38 (for a raw score of 30) or  every single question,
> it still
> gives a GE of 4.1.
> We have also found that even using the extended time administration that
> many
> students can't complete all the items (especially ESL students) and
> their GEs come
> out too low.
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> > On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Marge Nikpourfard wrote:
> >
> > > We would like to write an academic policy to add strength to our
> academic
> > > program.  We are finding more and more students enrolling in
> developmental
> > > courses who do not have the ability to matriculate.  If any of your
> > > institutions have a policy that establishes a mimimum score on
> placement
> > > tests etc., would you please share?  I am particularly interested in
> public
> > > community college policies.  If you do have such a policy, what
> options
> > > caan you present to those who would be denied admission?  Thanks for
> your help.
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