Hello Everyone..

I hope that all is well.  I would love to hear your thoughts and
suggestions concerning the following questions.

We currently operate a walk-in tutoring program, and I have always been
firm in my belief that the walk-in approach is the optimal approach.  I am
now beginning to question that stance with respect to tutoring in the area
of writing.  I am giving some thought to the creation of a separate
"writing lab" through which students would schedule appointments with a
writing tutor.  I would maintain the walk-in service for that subject, but
on a diminished scale.

I would like to hear your thoughts concerning walk-in versus appointment
type of tutoring (which must, like it or not, consider the non-academic
issues involved).  What is the most appropriate and productive length of a
tutoring appointment?  Do you have any suggestions concerning the
transition I plan on making?

In addition, I am occasionally confronted by the instructor that would like
a report sent back to him or her detailing the tutoring sessions involving
his or her students.  I have a particular instructor that would like to
develop a referral form by which he can refer students to the tutors with
specific instructions, and the tutor would then return a carbon copy
stating what was accomplished, along with the tutors assessment of the
students performance.  I fully support instructors referring students to
the tutors, but I am absolutely opposed to ANY information being reported
back to the instructors!  Please comment on the anonymity issue.

I realize that these issues are not original, but are reoccurring.  Thank
you for providing me with the benefit of your experience.



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