Because of our many technical problems with CPT, we tried to use
theweb-based version (ACCUPLACER). We were never able to get it up and
running well enough to test students.

Apparently, they started the on-line version with a lot of bugs still in it.
  We had many discussions and phone calls.  They would tell us it worked
when it didn't.  Finally, things started working somewhat better, but never
well enough to test.

One draw-back, though nothing to prevent testing, is that there is a
character limit on what you can type in for your introduction (where you
might want to tell students what to do after testing, such as, take your
test to _____ or call ______ or you'll receive ______).  There's a character
limit for everything, including course descriptions.  To save time in our
exit interviews, we had typed in a complete course description for each
course.  That way, students know about the class into which they placed.
You're not able to do that with the on-line version.

If you have a completely stripped down, uncomplicated test, you might be
able to get it to work.  But, even linking scores with more than one course
was a problem that we could never get to work.  (For example, if students
scored a certain level on English, in addition to a certain level on
reading, they are not only placed into high English and reading classes,
but, they also are placed into Honors.)

Anyway, good luck.  Placement testing and its logistics are just difficult
no matter what medium or company you choose.

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